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Eating Disorder Recovery is Possible - The Balanced Practice is Here to Help You!

Eating Disorder Therapy Ottawa | The Balanced Practice Inc | Ottawa

At The Balanced Practice, we are committed to eradicating eating disorders and proving the power of healing. We support folks of all genders and ages who are ready to recover from their eating disorder. Recovery is not easy; however, it is possible, and you deserve to live a full life without ED.

Eating disorders are chronic mental health illnesses that impact over 1 million Canadians every year as per a 2018 study (though we would argue the numbers are much higher now).
EDs are the result of various factors that include biological, psychological, and social components. The one thing we know for absolute certainty is that your eating disorder is not your fault.

There are currently 5 types of diagnosed Eating Disorders in Ottawa

Whichever eating disorder you may be struggling with, The Balanced Practice is fully equipped to help you overcome it.
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Eating Disorder Misconceptions:

  • Eating disorders are a choice
    Nope. We guarantee you that 100% of our clients would not choose to have their ED. It is a mental health illness.
  • Eating disorders have a look (i.e., thin, emaciated bodies)
    Nope! Actually 92% of folks with ED do not live in a body considered “underweight”. Folks of all sizes can be impacted by eating disorders. Weight discrimination in health care is a contributing risk factor to the development of eating disorders. Your weight is NOT a requirement to get support.
  • Waiting to get “sicker” to get help
    Please don’t wait. If your relationship with food and your body is currently impacting your quality of life, please reach out for support. You are so deserving of support today, here, and now.
  • Recovery is a one-size-fits-all
    Immediately no. Your eating disorder is unique. The reason it exists and the reason it is maintained is all very personal to you and your story. Your treatment absolutely needs to reflect your uniqueness and should be personalized to your needs.
  • Folks grow out of their eating disorders
    Again, No. Eating disorders are not a phase. They are not something we just grow out of. They are a serious mental health illness that requires proper treatment.

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Eating Disorders | The Balanced Practice Inc | Ottawa, ON

How To Recover from Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders | The Balanced Practice Inc | Ottawa, ON

Eating disorder recovery looks different for everyone. Here at The Balanced Practice, we specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and offer outpatient programs and services in Ottawa, ON.

Our Eating Disorder Recovery Program™ is our outpatient program that is designed to offer a comprehensive approach to treatment from the comfort of your home. It combines nutrition counseling, psychotherapy, meal exposure and support, family support, group therapy, and care coordination.

This program is recommended for folks who are ready to engage in their recovery from the comfort of their home. It’s ideal as a step up from one-to-one care or as a step-down from hospital programs. This impactful recovery treatment was designed to support folks in achieving sustainable recovery. We use a food-body-mind framework to address all aspects of the eating disorder.

To learn more about how we support folks across Ontario in their recovery, check out our Eating Disorder Recovery Program™ page.