Natalia She/Her

Clinical Coordinator

Language Spoken: English & Spanish

My Approach

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health. My education in mental health led me to discover a strong interest in eating disorders and their intersection with other areas of mental health. I have focused some of my research on eating disorders such as orthorexia nervosa and explored how therapeutic modalities can be used in
treatment. Not only do I have a professional interest in eating disorder care and treatment, but I also have lived experience with disordered eating and a past with an unhealthy relationship with diet culture.

I understand the importance of support within care. I am extremely passionate about providing support for those who are struggling with an eating disorder and comorbid mental health concerns.

As part of The Balanced Practice team, I am proud to be a part of a mission that strives to create a supportive, client-centred, and individualized environment for our clients.

What I like most about working at TBP

I love the community that has been built. Our team is supportive, caring, and respectful of one another. I love how the environment is judgment-free and collaborative, which allows us to come up with new ways to support our clients.

Team | The Balanced Practice Inc | Ottawa, ON

More than just my work

  • Reality TV is my number one source of entertainment. I can watch any franchise of Love Island or The Real Housewives and not get bored of it.
  • I was a dancer and swimmer for most of my life, they are activities that I miss being able to participate in. When I can I will take a barre class or go swimming, they are my favourite things to do.
  • I enjoy reading. Although sometimes I find it difficult to pick up and start reading when I finally do I find it almost impossible to stop.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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