INTRO TO Food Freedom

Free Workshop

Are you ready to learn the steps to have food freedom? 

Join me in this 3 day FREE workshop where I will teach my 4 steps to a full life without diets, restrictions or any more tracking calories or points😳

WHEN:  March 16th, 17th and 18th @ 12 pm EST
WHERE:  Private Facebook Group

learn the traps you may be falling into and how to get unstuck!- like why you aren't able to give yourself freedom without "overeating" 

learn a step-by-step *proven* method to have food freedom (i.e no more counting almonds!) AND start feeling great about your body 

understand the steps you can take to regain control with food and STOP the never-ending diet cycle -- Imagine, enjoying ice cream with your loved ones without an ounce of guilt!