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    Hey! I am Marie-Pier (or Marie!), I am an anti-diet registered dietitian on a mission to help folks heal their relationship with food and their bodies so they can live a better and more intentional life!

    I learned pretty quickly that when you are obsessed with food and controlling your body, your life becomes smaller and less enjoyable… The stress, the anxiety, the guilt and feelings of failure start to take up way too much space in your life.. 

    And this is how I used to live EVERYDAY. Not trusting myself or my body. Constantly battling food and going to bed every night hating my body and my “lack of control”. I was jealous of other women who were naturally thin and just seemed to have food all worked out.. My relationship with food was DRAINING me. 

    I knew I didn’t want to live that way anymore. So, I started my own healing journey and completely changed my relationship with food and my body.

    Now you may be thinking.. “ok it’s cool you have lived experience but what makes you an expert in this field?” Well to start, I have 2 university degrees in Psychology and Nutrition Science. This unique combination of expertise gives me knowledge and understanding of what it takes to truly heal and have a great relationship with food. But on top of my education, I have now help hundreds of folks heal their relationship with food. And this is not by fluke… I have helped that many people because I KNOW how to and I have a system..

    And I can’t wait to teach you EXACTLY how to do it too in this free class!

    See you there!


    Note: If you have been struggling with your relationship with food & your body --> you won't want to miss this!