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Our services are weight neutral which means that we do not use weight as a measure of success. We work from a weight inclusive standpoint and will work on your relationship to food and body and achieve goals regardless of weight. Some people lose weight, some remain the same and some gain weight. This depends where your body needs to be!

This will depend on your individual needs and goals. For eating disorders or disordered recovery, the average time is 6-8 months. For intuitive eating or building sustainable habits, the average is 3-6 months. The care plan will be created with your needs and capacity in mind.

As a registered dietitians and psychotherapists all information, personal and medical, shared with us will be kept confidential unless you consent to sharing information with 3rd party health professionals

This is what we specialize in! We are here to support you through full recovery. We can support you from a nutrition and therapy standpoint. Our team works together to provide you the best care.

We can still support you. Unfortunately there are many barriers to getting a diagnosis and whether are not you have been diagnosed, your experience is valid and we are here to support. You do not need to wait to get help.

Although we work a lot with folx with eating disorders, we also LOVE to support folx who are looking to work on their food and body relationship from an anti diet perspective. We can work through emotional eating, intuitive eating, chronic illnesses and sports nutrition.

Yes! All of our clinicians are trained with kids, teens and adults. When working with kids, we use a family based approach to get parents or caregivers involved.

Yes! We can work with couples as well. In terms of booking, you can book under 1 person’s account and specify in notes that this will be for the couple. Each session with a couple is the price of appointment + $50.

At this time, we do not directly take insurance. However, many insurance companies cover dietetic services as well as psychotherapy. Please speak to your insurance company to find out more about this.